Meet our team

We are Integrity

Based in South Tyneside in the North East of England, we’re a friendly, highly qualified and experienced technical team who love solving IT problems and of course, working with businesses so the problems don’t actually happen in the first place.

Our director, Jon Place, created Integrity Technology Services in 2010 with a vision to provide a flexible, professional and friendly service that companies can depend on. 

As IT professionals (and yes, sometimes we could be classed as computer geeks), we know the industry buzzwords and jargon, however, that can sound a bit tedious when all you want to know is ‘How can you help me out of this IT nightmare?’ or ‘Please help me find my data’.  We speak in ‘normal language’, not data speak.  Sounds refreshing doesn’t it?

Jack Potts

Jack Potts

In 2017, as our workload and business really started to grow, Jack joined the team as a supervisor with excellent technical ability.

He’s the linchpin within Integrity, helping to keep everything together and working smoothly, overseeing many elements of repairs, projects, scheduling and client interactions. Jack will be your point of contact to make sure you’re receiving the best care and attention, he might even bring you a tin of biscuits if you ask nicely.

In 2024, Jack jointed Jon as a director for the business with the goal of together providing the best possible IT support to clients.

Dave Reed

Technical Services
Dave Reed

Due to an increased demand for our services, Dave joined the team in 2013 having previously worked for Edward Thompson Group as their IT technician.

He’s our go-to tech expert and found his niche within Integrity providing support for a wider range of clients, with his vast experience within the industry, we like to think of Dave as your IT comfort blanket (you know, always there when you need them, reassuring and supportive), we’ve also heard he’s pretty warm and cuddly too.

Dave is a sucker for his Pomeranian Chihuahua ‘Derek’, who, as you can imagine, is pretty popular with staff and clients! As a keen cook, Dave also regularly brings in delicious home cooked dishes for the team, yes, we all stay on the good side of Dave.

Liz Routledge

Office Manager
Liz Routledge

Liz is the newest member of our team, joining us in 2023 and she’s already hit the ground running.

With a vast business background, she manages our admin and finance (so, yes, she’s the one to keep on the right side of!).

In Liz’s spare time she loves exploring new places and enjoys nothing more than dining out with family and friends. Her go to holiday destination is Menorca, where she can often be found sunning herself and chilling out on the beach, sounds good to us!

Kieron Neal

Technical Services
Kieron Neal

Working alongside Dave, we’ve got Kieron who works on the support desk rescuing our clients.

Currently working towards his Level 4, he’s enjoying gaining valuable experience within the field and loves his hands-on role.

Kieron has definitely found his niche in troubleshooting, being able to identify slow systems and locating bottlenecks to get our clients systems back up and running in the quickest of times.


Pomeranian Chihuahua

As our office pooch, Derek’s human is Dave in our Technical Services department but let’s not concentrate on that, it’s all about Derek.

Playful, energetic and slightly troublesome when we get the biscuits out, we couldn’t be without him.

We can’t say he’s too good installing a new network, is terrible when it comes to VoIP systems and seriously, he knows nothing about Microsoft 365 but hey, that’s what our team are for, Derek’s just there for the cuddles!

Our team of technicians are experienced and friendly

We have no sales people and no targets to meet. When you call us with a problem, there’s no ‘dial 1 if you have slow emails’, ‘dial 2 if you have lost your data’, ‘dial 3 if you PC has blown up’, you know what we mean.  We’ll answer your call (with a human), do some digging with you on your IT problem and let you know how we can help.

We’re on hand and responsive

If you sign up to our service level agreement (rolling contract remember, no ties), we have a two hour response time to your IT problem, no logging a call and waiting days for a response, our team of engineers are on hand and waiting for your call.

We speak your language

What happens we arrive at your site? No sharp intake of breath from us or a scratch of our heads, without any jargon, hard sell or buzzwords, we will tell you accurately and professionally, what we can do, how we do it, when and for how much (unless you’re on a support plan).

Putting you and your business first

We’ll even leave you with suggestions and proposals based on what’s best for your business, it’s all very simple but that’s the way we like to work and we’re pretty sure (from our customer feedback) that’s the way our customers like us to work too.

Why not join our merry band of happy clients and let’s work together.