Data Backup & Security Options

Data Backup & Security Options

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Hand on your heart, can you honestly say your data is backed up, protected and cared for like the crown jewels?

Do you backup your data and let Margaret from accounts take home the black data disk thing every night and think that’s job done?

Have you tested your backup system by restoring some data? You could be in for a nasty surprise!

This is the story for many businesses, you may think your data is being protected however, unfortunately that’s not the case.

Hardware such as laptops, computers and servers can be replaced off the shelf however, the same can’t be said for information. 

Backup systems need to be robust, automated and they need to tell you when something isn’t right too, no good waiting until you experience a data loss only to find out the backup hasn’t actually worked!

Working with our team, we’ll look at your current process, see how these can be improved and make sure they’re working. If they’re not, we’ll suggest new security measures and implement these at a time and cost that’s right for your business.  How good is that?  No more hot neck feeling when you’ve hit delete on that very important file.

Get in touch with our team and we’ll put that Kevlar lining around your data.