Laptop or tablet – which is right for you?

Sales of Apple iPads and Android tablets continue to soar as users love their portability and the countless Apps and Games, does this mean the end of the laptop as we know it?

In our latest blog, our director, Jon, explains the features and benefits of both.

Since we opened our store to the public 2 year ago we have seen a steady demand for new and used tablets.

People of all ages love their flexibility and their simplicity, surfing the internet is quick and easy, email is quickly accessible and they are great for browsing your hundreds of images, listening to music and watching movies on the go.

For business, however, the tablet is by no means a replacement for a laptop or PC as they simply do not offer the same level of functionality. For example, do not expect to access work servers in the same way and forget about installing business software such as CRM systems, databases, Sage or payroll. While you can load music, pictures and movies you cannot install extra software on your tablet in the same way you would on a laptop.

Both Apple and Android tablets have their own software stores in AppStore and Google Play – this is where they make their extra revenue. Windows tablets are different again however offer far more flexibility in terms of usability and software.

Here’s a comparison to help you decide what is right for you;



  • Great for multi-tasking
  • Functionality: Great ability to install a wide range of software.
  • High capacity: Memory and storage capacity can easily be upgraded.
  • Connectivity: With multiple USB, monitor and HDMI ports laptops can
  • quickly be linked up to more devices.


  • Battery life: Some laptops are lucky to have a few hours service.
  • Size: Unless a very expensive model they tend to be heavier and larger than a tablet.
  • Stability: Windows software can be prone to virus and malware attacks.




  • Portable: Small, compact and lightweight so ideal for people on the move or moving from room to room in the house.
  • Excellent battery life: Most tablets have a battery charge lasting days not hours like laptops.
  • Simplicity: Tablets are suitable for all ages as they are so easy to use especially the iPad.
  • Safe and stable: Tablets are not immune but are very resilient to virus’ and malware infection that is the scourge of the average laptop.
  • Speed: Quick to start up and get you posting on social media, checking the internet and having fun.


  • Small screen size: Not great for multi-tasking and switching between programs, to create a presentation can be difficult, for example.
  • Reduced storage: Tablets tend to have storage of between 16GB to 128GBb.
  • Small in comparison to laptops of 300GB or even 1000GB.
  • Reduced lifespan: Sealed and none standard parts means upgrading or replacing parts can be difficult.


As you can see, there is no clear winner, it’s really down to personal preference and suitability.

When choosing between the two the best place to start is by listing what you will use it for. Many people use a laptop just to surf the internet when they could be using a tablet instead. Equally tablet users can get exasperated when their tablet will not do what they want it to do. Both devices are convenient and are rich in features.

If you need assistance with laptops, tablets or PC’s, contact our friendly team HERE.

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