Our top jargon-busting computer terms

We like to be known as a plain-speaking IT business, we don’t baffle our clients with techie gobbledegook and talk in language we know you’ll understand.  In our latest blog, we’re bringing you our top jargon-busting computer terms so you’re not baffled by IT science!



A piece of software that is uploaded onto your machine to stop the bad guys getting in (think of a Stop-Lock on your car, if you’re under 30, Google it 😉).



It may sound like the waist measurements of Girls Aloud, but no, it’s the amount of information that can be transferred over your network at a specific time.



Bring Your Own Device – tells employees that they can, well, bring their own device to work.



Website files that are saved on your PC so if you visit the same web page again, they will appear quicker.



Nope, not the chocolate kind, it’s a small piece of information you may be asked to accept when you visit certain websites.



The big part of your computer that holds all of the really important information, the one that everybody is frightened to touch in the office.



The backdrop on your PC where you’ve probably got a picture of your dog (never mind the kids, it’s the dog that counts).


Disaster Recovery

The process you have in place for when the bad guys get in (think of the police calling out and trying to find your house burglar).



The thick wire (snazzy ones are sometimes yellow) that is used to connect you to the internet.



Software that blocks certain types of traffic to your PC, think of a road-block on a super scale.



The techie language that is used on websites.



Come on, seriously?  It’s the screen you look at every day.



Dodgy emails that look like they’re sent from your mam but they’re really sent from a bad guy who’s trying to get your life savings.



A magical device that passes traffic back and forth, it whizzes information from your PC to the internet and vice-versa



A tin of canned meat (no, sorry, we mean junk email telling you your uncle, who’s a prince, who you never actually knew existed, wants to send you $1.4 million if you send him your bank details).



Your website address



The techie name is ‘Voice over Internet Protocal’, yup, it’s a mouthful isn’t it.  It simply means making your telephone calls over the internet.




We hope you’ve enjoyed our light-hearted look at techie speak and are now utterly convinced that we won’t blind you with science on our next visit.



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