We’re backing Pledge South Tyneside

As a proud north east business located in Boldon, we’re proud to be backing Pledge South Tyneside, a campaign to encourage businesses within the area to focus on local activities that can help South Tyneside to thrive.


We’re getting involved by sourcing products and services from local businesses, we’ll be endorsing other South Tyneside based organisations with positive reviews and will be attending the Pledge networking events.


As part of the scheme, we’re also delighted to have recruited our latest apprentice from the area too.  Daniel, our Apprentice Technician, joined the team in 2023 and is currently enjoying learning more about the IT industry and working towards his Level 4 Network Engineer qualification.


For more information on the South Tyneside Pledge, head over to the website, we’d love to see you at future events!




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