Bugs in your system? Time to speak with our IT pest control experts.

Bugs in your system? Time to speak with our IT pest control experts.

Technician repairing a PC

We know it’s frustrating when IT gremlins start to affect your business. 

We get it, you just want your staff to turn up and your business systems be available all day, everyday. Nobody wants to be bogged down with regular and unexpected issues, then have the hassle of sorting issues that to be honest, you really don’t know much about. 

Regular problems and slow IT systems can cost your team hours of downtime every month and that’s without the frustration and bad mood this brings to the workplace.

We’ll be the IT team that you wished were just down the corridor, the crack team of technicians that’s ready and waiting for your call, put it simply, think of us as your IT comfort blanket.

Even better, you don’t have to be part of our IT support contract to get access to our super-fast services. 

We offer a flexible ‘pay-as-you-go’ service that’s perfect for small, growing and medium sized businesses so no need to worry that you’re not in a contract, simply give us a call and we’ll pop out, explain how we can solve the problem and the costs involved and hey presto, you’ll be back up and running before you can say ‘This computer is seriously going out of the window.’

To give you even more options (see, told you we were like a comfort blanket), why not call into our computer repair centre in Boldon, South Tyneside.

Simply pop in, no appointment needed, chat with one of our technicians and we’ll talk through the problems, process and solution.  Our team are a friendly bunch so we’ll even make you a cuppa while we chat through the process.